Luka "⁠emi⁠" Vuković Joins Pompa

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News/Luka "⁠emi⁠" Vuković Joins Pompa

25 October 2023 11:50


Source: Pompa

Pompa announced the signing of Luka "⁠emi⁠" Vuković. He last played for TYLOO. He is named as the captain of the team. He will replace Janusz "⁠Snax⁠" Pogorzelski who joined GamerLegion recently. The team will compete in CCT Central Europe Series 8 Closed Qualifiers soon. Pompa roster will be,

  • Piotr "⁠morelz⁠" Taterka
  • Bartosz "⁠bnox⁠" Niebisz
  • Steffen "⁠SLY⁠" Amundsen
  • Deyvid "⁠h4rn⁠" Benchev
  • Luka "⁠emi⁠" Vuković

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