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6 July 2023

  • curprev 14:5714:57, 6 July 2023Couchor talk contribs 402 bytes +402 Created page with "{{Location |seo_title=Cyber Flash |seo_keywords=Cyber Flash |title=Cyber Flash |logoAll=Cyber Flash Logo.jpg |type=Internet café |country=Brazil |city=Sorocaba |address=Rua Dona Carmella Capossoli 192 |facebook=cyberflashsorocaba |phone=+55 15 3221-1047 |email=cyber.flash@hotmail.com |showOpening=Yes |saturday=09-14 |weekdays=09-19 |showEquipment=No |showPricing=No |nosponsors=No |showGallery=No }}"