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First things first

Search thoroughly before creating a page!

Before creating a page on TwogPedia, be it a company page, tournament, player, team or any other type of page, it is essential to verify that it does not yet exist and make sure of it. You can do this by using the search function function to make sure the page is not already on the wiki. Even if you don't find it quickly, that doesn't mean for sure that the page doesn't exist, as it may have some other similar name. Try with synonyms, acronyms, etc. Please, you shouldn't do rework, make sure completely before making any article on TwogPedia.

Page Templates & Forms

Templates help keep the information in the same place and also make it easier to format the information instead of laying it out manually. When creating a page, be sure to use the predefined template please. This keeps things organized.

Predefined templates exist for the most common entities on TwogPedia, such as the Infobox template, which comes in different types depending on the categories. Templates can be used throughout the wiki and help to establish a consistent information layout. So remember to use them. If you have questions or don't know which templates already exist on TwogPedia, a smart approach is to inspect the wiki code of a well-known team, tournament or player, as it will likely contain every possible template you could use for your new page, and always the basics. These pages tend to be the most up-to-date and are constantly being edited, so what's on them is usually good practice and state-of-the-art in terms of wiki features. So don't forget to do this, it will help you a lot, especially if you are a beginner. Copying/pasting templates is strongly recommended. And don't forget that the template documentation often provides "ready-to-copy/paste" code to include on your page.

Keep in mind that different wikis may not have exactly the same ways of working. If you contribute to different wikis, be sure to follow the respective wiki's own rules. Templates, for example, belong to a specific wiki, and while they are most often duplicated across wikis, they can still be quite different.

And remember the preview feature in the editing tools that lets you see your page as it will look before you insert it into the wiki so you can be sure what the final result of the page will look like.

Preview feature


The purpose of a wiki is for users to be able to create and edit content. Sources are extremely important because this is where the reader can be sure of their reliability. So be sure to provide a link that readers can refer to if they want to verify that the information is actually true. Of course, not everything can be obtained, the basic requirement is that you provide it, for anything that might have a link to a reliable source, such as a news site that normally only produces true content. Just like in real life, when you say something, people are more likely to believe you if you have a good source to back up your claim.