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Bungie Wins AimJunkies Lawsuit
28 May 2024 19:21
Epic Games Fined
14 May 2024 17:36
Russia X IESF Battle Ongoing
According to recent news, IESF has provided independent esports journalist Richard Lewis with a letter ...
14 May 2024 17:30
Former Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent's Lawsuit Dropped
Former CEO of Riot Games Nicolo Laurent's lawsuit was dismissed by the court. The lawsuit's outcome ...
08 May 2024 18:08
All knights lla.png
All Knights to Leave Latin American League
All Knights, has withdrawn from the Latin American League , League of Legends' top division for the ...
01 May 2024 20:19
Discord bot ban.png
Discord Bans Bot Scraper Accounts
According to recent reports, Discord has taken action against utilizing bot accounts to extract messages ...
30 Apr 2024 19:38