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Written by Dante Uzel on 09 July 2024 15:52

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The Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL) has unveiled a new partnership with Ghost Gaming, from North America. This collaboration introduces a new esports team named Georgia Ghost to the league, expanding the roster to 14 teams, all competing for a significant $1 million prize pool.

Based in Atlanta, Ghost Gaming is known for gaming talent and has stakes in sports, music, lifestyle, and entertainment realms. The organization has rosters in various titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Valorant, and Call of Duty. The United Spinal Association of Georgia has partnered with Ghost Gaming to form "Nerve Gaming" adaptive esports program recently. NA based organization also partnered with ggCircuit.

UEL stands out as a distinctive tournament catering to communities passionate about multiple games. Unlike traditional leagues centered around a single game, instead, UEL players compete across a diverse array of genres including fighting, shooting, racing, strategy, and sports titles. This feature creates competition on several different layers and makes it a unique competition.

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Season 9 of UEL kicks off with the Draft on July 27th. In addition to its prize pool, this season will introduce player stipends and wellness benefits, as announced in a recent release. The organizers stated "We offer competitions across 33 games and over $100,000 in cash prizes, making us one of the most unique and exciting esports leagues in the world."

UEL Founder and CEO, Titus Walker, stated “Partnering with Ghost Gaming allows us to expand our reach and support for talented gamers in Georgia and beyond. This collaboration will enhance our league’s diversity and competitiveness, and we look forward to seeing the impact of the Georgia Ghosts in our upcoming season.”

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