Nintendo Reveals New Esports Guidelines

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News/Nintendo Reveals New Esports Guidelines

Written by Dante Uzel on 20 November 2023 15:02


Nintendo revealed new esports guidelines. As of November 15, these guidelines have implemented rigorous restrictions on the scale and financial aspects of unlicensed events.

Originally disclosed on October 24, the changes are aimed at overseeing community tournaments However, the new regulations significantly narrow down the criteria for what qualifies as a community tournament.

Noteworthy restrictions encompass:

  • A participant limit of 200 for physical events and 300 for online events.
  • Entry fees capped at £18 (or $20 in the US).
  • Prize pools restricted to £4500 ($5000) per event and £9000 ($10,000) within a 12-month period.
  • Tournaments must function on a non-profit basis, with any surplus funds returned to participants or spectators.
  • Organizers are forbidden from receiving monetary or material support from sponsors for events.
  • High school charity events necessitate written permission from Nintendo.

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