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Written by Dante Uzel on 09 July 2024 16:05


The First Descendant was one of the most interesting releases of the year. In the game, players assume the role of a Descendant tasked with defending humanity and safeguarding the Ingris continent from invading forces. As they progress through a series of missions and narratives, players embark on a journey of growth, gaining strength to uncover the secrets of the Descendants and participate in an immersive storyline.

Since its launch, "The First Descendant" has encountered turbulent waters. Initially criticized for its aggressive monetization strategies, the game now faces serious accusations of plagiarism, particularly concerning artwork and content similarities with Bungie's "Destiny 2". The game is at the crosshairs of designers.

This time the controversy centers around icons within "The First Descendant" that appear strikingly similar to those found in "Destiny 2", with some being nearly identical. These allegations have sparked widespread backlash from the gaming community. Currently there are no announcements by Nexon the developers of The First Descendant.

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The root of the issue may stem from the misuse of assets sourced from Iconduck, an icon database marketed as "free and open-source". It appears that Nexon, the publisher of "The First Descendant", may have accessed simply used the icons from Iconduck's Destiny icon pack, possibly under the misconception that they were freely usable in commercial products. However, many professionals within the industry highlighted that many of these assets include artwork from copyrighted sources, contrary to claims of being open-source and royalty-free.

Tom Chapman, creator of the websites for "Destiny 2", has explicitly expressed discontent over the situation on Twitter. Chapman clarified that the icons in question were derived from font files created by Bungie and its designers, and not intended for unrestricted commercial use. He emphasized that his work and contributions to the Destiny icon set were not meant to be utilized in this manner.

As the controversy continues, questions arise regarding the responsibilities of game developers and publishers in vetting and appropriately licensing third-party assets.

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