Anna Baumann to Leave Infinite Reality

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Written by Dante Uzel on 07 November 2023 14:27

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Source: Infinite Reality

Anna Baumann, the Executive Vice President of Esports at Infinite Reality announced her decision to step down from her role. She began working in the company in 2018 as Managing Director of Rogue. She stated "Today, I am saying goodbye to infinite Reality. I have stepped down as MD in August and am leaving as EVP Esports at the end of this month. For five years, I have been fortunate enough to lead Rogue and later KOI as the first female team principal in esports." In 2021 Rogue partnered with KOI to enter LEC and compete under KOI banner. However the partnership between KOI and Rogue ended yesterday. KOI co founder Ibai Llanos recently announced that he was looking forward to new projects and he parted ways with the organization as well.

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