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Written by Dante Uzel on 09 July 2024 15:54


Esportal has revealed a new collaboration with Brand Metrics, a SaaS platform specializing in digital advertising analytics. This partnership aims to enhance the measurement of advertising campaign effectiveness on the Esportal platform, delivering increased value to advertisers and clients. By leveraging Brand Metrics' tools, Esportal aims to offer comprehensive analytics that illustrate how advertising efforts resonate with their engaged audience. This includes gamers who spend significant time interacting within Esportal's community, participating in sponsored events, and playing games with friends.

Esportal stated by integrating Brand Metrics' capabilities to offer brand lift measurement, a crucial metric gauging the impact of advertising on consumer perception of products and services.

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Anders Lithner, CEO of Brand Metrics, stated "Esportal's distinctive approach to content and its unconventional commercial model set it apart from other Brand Metrics users. This partnership has required innovative thinking and has been an enriching experience. Gaming's unique dynamics, particularly the monetisation of tournament sponsorships rather than traditional display ads, make this collaboration exceptionally rewarding. We are thrilled to establish a robust partnership with Esportal."

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