SUNY Esports Partners with LeagueSpot

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News/SUNY Esports Partners with LeagueSpot

17 November 2023 13:07


Source: Leaguespot

SUNY (State University of New York) has announced the extension of its collaboration with LeagueSpot. This renewed partnership is geared towards enhancing the capabilities of SUNY Esports, with a specific emphasis on fostering inclusion and diversity within the institution's esports division.

Charles Murray, President of SUNY Esports, stated “As a former SUNY student, Esports was easily the most exciting aspect of the college experience. LeagueSpot allows students from anywhere the ultimate opportunity to connect, communicate, and compete. Working with LeagueSpot and being given that privilege to give back to the community I once competed in, fills me with pride, honor, and excitement of what’s to come next.”

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