Apple Blocks Epic Games Store on iOS

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News/Apple Blocks Epic Games Store on iOS

Written by Dante Uzel on 07 March 2024 05:55


Apple has rejected Epic's attempt to launch the Epic Games Store and Fortnite on iOS devices due to concerns about the gaming company. Although Epic's "Epic Games Sweden AB" developer account was approved by Apple recently, allowing for the potential release of its store on iOS, Apple blocked the move. This decision comes amid the introduction of the Digital Markets Act in Europe, which mandates Apple to permit third-party app stores on iOS. Epic Games stated "In terminating Epic’s developer account, Apple is taking out one of the largest potential competitors to the Apple App Store. They are undermining our ability to be a viable competitor and they are showing other developers what happens when you try to compete with Apple or are critical of their unfair practices."

Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney expressed criticism towards Apple's new terms and additional fees imposed on developers opting for alternative app stores.

Following the news EU antitrust regulators have stated that they have contacted Apple for "further explanations" on why were they blocking Epic Games from launching its own app store on iOS. Apple did not release a statement yet.

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