Astralis X HP OMEN Partnership Extended

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News/Astralis X HP OMEN Partnership Extended

Written by Dante Uzel on 28 November 2023 16:04


Source: Astralis

Astralis extended its partnership with HP OMEN. The partnership began 6 years ago. Parties will host a 6-day event to commemorate the partnership with 6 days of streaming, competitions, and giveaways on Astralis' digital- and broadcast channels.

Line Bermann of HP stated "I am happy to announce our partnership with Astralis. The partnership is extended by another 12 months and in close collaboration with Astralis we are able to engage with the gaming community and beyond. The values and presence of Astralis goes beyond just the team and their matches. We want to celebrate the community, the parents, the volunteers, and everyone who loves gaming as much as we do. Together with Astralis we want to bring the fun side of gaming to everyone. No matter if fun means being the best possible gamer, or to socialize and enjoy games in your own way."

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