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Written by Dante Uzel on 28 May 2024 19:21


Source: Astralis

Astralis, in partnership with hummel and SAUNA, has unveiled a new limited merchandise collection set to launch in June 2024. The organization revealed a new jersey, featuring an entirely new colorway and design never before seen in Astralis' roster. Co-branded by hummel and SAUNA, the jersey boasts a deep wine-red hue adorned with gold sponsor logos and the iconic Astralis star on the chest.

A unique departure from the usual Astralis pro kit, the jersey also includes a collar and bears the number 16 on the back, symbolizing the year of Astralis' founding in 2016.

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Morten Lund, Marketing Director, hummel stated "This new summer collection is the culmination of a unique collaboration between hummel, Astralis, and Sauna, combining fashion with esports. Together, we have created something truly special that honors our heritage and embraces new, creative paths within youth culture. Our focus has been on designing not simply a player jersey but an experience speaking to both the athletic and fashion-concious youth across cultures and generations. We're excited about this new collaboration and can't wait to see fans of all ages wearing the new designs with pride this summer."

Mads Rasmussen, Partnerships Director, Astralis stated "Astralis is the most winning Counter-Strike team of all times, but over the years we have grown to be so much more. Since the beginning, we have strived to set new standards in and outside the server, and this new collection is a visual and wearable proof of our ambitions."

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