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Written by Dante Uzel on 08 July 2024 12:25


Ubisoft has officially begun filming the Watch Dogs movie, sharing a photo of a clapboard with the caption "Lights_Camera_Action.exe." Initially announced in 2016 during Sony's GamesCon press conference, the film adaptation of Aiden Pearce's data-hacking exploits in a surveillance-dominated cityscape is a collaboration between Ubisoft Partners and New Regency.

Updates on the movie's progress were rare over the years until a recent announcement from Ubisoft confirmed production would commence this summer. The press release also revealed the casting of Tom Blyth from The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and Sophie Wilde from the horror film Talk to Me. Directed by Mathieu Turi, the screenplay, originally by Christie LeBlanc (known for the Netflix sci-fi Oxygen), has undergone revisions by Victoria Bata.

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The Watch Dogs games immerse players in expansive open-world environments where they navigate through missions to unfold narratives. Players engage in driving, shooting, and stealth gameplay, often encountering role-playing and puzzle challenges. Set in fictionalized versions of real cities across different time periods, each game features a distinct hacker protagonist embroiled in the criminal underbelly of their urban landscape. Antagonists typically include corrupt corporations, crime syndicates, and rival hackers who exploit ctOS (central Operating System), a fictional network interlinking all electronic devices within the city, storing vast amounts of personal data on its inhabitants.

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