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Written by Dante Uzel on 29 April 2024 19:23


The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) has teamed up with Alienware, Battle Beaver, and Herman Miller for Year 4. These partners will provide equipment for competitors throughout the circuit and launch fan activations. Alienware is the official PC and monitor partner, providing gaming PCs for live events and featuring in broadcasts with the 'Alienware Play of the Day' segment. Battle Beaver is the official controller partner, creating custom controllers for players. Herman Miller is providing chairs for all event participants. Partnered with PGL

These partnerships were announced ahead of the Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles, California, which will run from May 2nd to 5th. According to release Alienware will offer product experiences, giveaways, and discounts to fans, while featuring Apex Legends items in Alienware Arena's Game Vault marketplace. Battle Beaver will offer giveaways and rewards for fans and set up a brand booth during the playoffs. Herman Miller, a returning partner, previously created an ALGS Championship chair and is now supplying chairs for all event participants.

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The Electronic Arts officials stated "With Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 4 well underway and the Split 1 Playoffs right around the corner, we’re thrilled to reveal some of our incredible partners that are supporting the ALGS this year! These partnerships help us make the ALGS great, and this year they’ll be providing our pros and fans with high quality equipment at LAN along with giving back to our community."

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