30 Teams Joins to Esports World Cup Club Support Program

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News/30 Teams Joins to Esports World Cup Club Support Program

Written by Dante Uzel on 07 May 2024 17:19


Esports World Cup revealed 30 esports organizations selected for the Esports World Cup Club Support Program. The Club Support programme was announced in February by the EWC Foundation as a means to provide financial backing to esports teams on a yearly basis. While specifics regarding fund allocation remain undisclosed, eligible organizations will receive substantial financial support, described as a 'six-figure' investment annually. This funding is intended for enhancing infrastructure, expanding into new esports domains, fostering content creation, and other relevant endeavors.

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EWCF officials stated "The EWCF Club Support Program is a pioneering initiative designed to promote the creation of sustainable infrastructure for multidisciplinary esports Clubs. Furthermore, the program empowers esports Clubs to expand their investment across more games, providing impactful career opportunities and competitive support to athletes around the world. As members of the EWCF Club Support Program, these esports organizations can receive six-figure funding to enter into new esports titles at the highest level, diversifying their competitive footprint and providing more opportunities for esports athletes."

Selected teams are,

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